3. International Conference on Tone and Intonation

IPS Workshop
Herrsching am Ammersee, 03rd–05th May 2017


Call for Papers

We invite submissions that explore phonetic and phonological aspects of tone and intonation, with a particular focus on the following topics:

  1. Variation and Change in Space:
    • Cross-linguistics comparison of tone and intonation in well- and under-studied languages.
    • Documentation of tonal and intonational patterns in endangered languages.
    • Analysis of geographic variation in tone and intonation.
    • Tone and intonation in language contact.
  2. Variation and Change in Time:
    • Diachronic change of tone and intonation.
    • Generational differences of tone and intonation.
    • Sociolinguistic factors influencing tonal and intonational change.
  3. Variation Beyond Space and Time:
    • Psycholinguistic, cognitive, and neural correlates of tone and intonation.
    • Physiological underpinnings of tone and intonation.
    • Acquisition of tone and intonation in L1 and L2.
    • Tone and intonation in neurodevelopmental disorders and impairments.
    • Role of tone and intonation in multimodal communication.
    • Computational modeling and applications of tone and intonation.

We welcome submissions on any aspect of tone and intonation in language, not limited to the aforementioned topics. We encourage contributions from a wide range of theoretical and methodological perspectives, including experimental, descriptive, and computational approaches. Contributions by junior researchers and/or with interdisciplinary research methods, are strongly encouraged.

See also abstract submission guidelines.